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«Economic Theory»


Doctor of Philosophy in Economy Azer Maarif oglu Panahov leads the chair. The teaching staff of 15 professors and teachers are working here. Two of them are Doctors of Economic Sciences, Professors, nine are Doctors of Philosophy in Economic Sciences, Associate professors and two are a post-graduate and a candidate for a Degree.

The following subjects are taught in the Department: "Micro Economics", “Macro Economics”, “Multinational Enterpices”, "Economic Regulation", "Economic Theory", "International Economics", "Azerbaijan's Economy", "World Economy History", "Modern Problems of Economics", "International Economic Policy", "World Economy Information Systems", "Fundamentals of Country Studies" , "Regulation of National Economy", "Foreign Trade Relations of Azerbaijan", "International Economic Operations", "Foreign Economic Activity Regulation".

All the subjects are studied on the basis of educational programs under stamp made in accordance with new standards of the Ministry of Education.

The workshops of the subjects taught through the Department are organized in a special laboratory provided with visual aids and modern technical appliances.

Doctor of Philosophy in Economy
head of the chair “Economic Theory”