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«Industry Organization and Municipal Management»


The chair is led by Doctor of Philosophy in Economy, Professor Ibrahim Abuzar oglu Mammadov. The Department has the scientific-pedagogical staff with 11 members. One is a professor; eight are Doctors of Philosophy in Economic Sciences; four are associate-professors and 2 of them are post-graduates. The Department provides training specialists on the following specialities: “Organization and Management of Industry” and “Public and Municipal Administration”. In this Department the following subjects, such as “Theory of Public Administration”, “Public and Municipal Administration”, “State Ownership”, “Management of Urban Economy”, “Management of Regional Economy”, “Foreign Experience of Municipal Administration”are educated on the speciality of “Public and Municipal Administration” and “Industrial Economy”, “Organization of Production”, “Technological Bases of Production” are taught on the speciality of “Organization and Management of Industry”.

Besides the subjects according to the specialty, other corresponding subjects are also taught. The members of professor-teaching staff of the chair are engaged in scientific-research works, as well as education. Besides monographs, textbooks, training aids and scientific articles, they prepare and publish necessary syllabuses and other teaching-methodical aids, lecture materials and hand them over to the library of the University for being used.


Doctor of Philosophy in Economy, Professor
Head of the Chair of “Industry Organization and Municipal Management”