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Baku Business University announces a competition to fill a vacant position

Baku Business University to fill a vacancy
announces competition:
On the department of "Languages":
Teacher (English)
Minimum requirements for employment:
Having a master's degree or higher
Have scientific and pedagogical activity for 1-3 years
Presence of IELTS 7.0 or higher or equivalent certificate degree
Those wishing to participate in the competition must submit the following documents:
Application addressed to the rector of Baku Business University
Personnel record sheet
Extract from the workbook
Copy of diploma of higher education, scientific degree, scientific title
List of scientific and scientific-methodical works
The deadline for submission of documents is May 15, 2022 from the date of publication of the announcement. To participate in the competition, the documents must be submitted to the following address:
Baku city, H. Zardabi street, 88a, General department
Baku Business University
Tel: (+99412) 4319118
E-mail: [email protected]