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Erasmus+ program at the Izmir University of Economics in Turkey

To the attention of bachelors and masters who want to study in the summer semester within the Erasmus + exchange program at İzmir University of Economics. The selection process will be held on 04.06.2018 at the International Relations Department.

Terms and conditions for students’ intake for part-time foreign studies in the academic year 2017/18

How we plan to organize the selection of students for the exchange (selection criteria):

We will organize two stages of selection process of students.

1. We will conduct an English proficiency exam.

2. We will interview with the shortlisted candidates.

The selection process of internal student will conducted in order to examine their knowledge of English. The preference will be given to the students who are above the average mark. After the selection process programs will be examine if the credits and unit will match with Host University.