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Scientific-Research Works


During the last 20 years Baku Business University has focused on efficiently organizing and carrying out the scientific-research works. Taking into account the necessity of assignments of the Republic’s directive organs, ensuring the social and economic growth of our country and dealing with the problems and issues concerning the science of economics, the implementation of the scientific-research plans is conducted by the Administration, distributed by the executors for each year on the specialties and directions, discussed and affirmed in the Scientific Council, and fulfilled according to the certain programs. Their specialists and the directions of the mainly departments among executers are mainly distributed them for the years. It confirms on discussing in the General Assembly of the University and was carried out to the constitute programs in Baku Business University.

The scientific-research works are carried out on the theme of “The Development of Market Economy Relations and Social and Economic Problems”.

 The problems of the organization and management of production in the new administrative system, finance, audit, accounting, economic analysis and the reconstruction of the property relations are studied by the University and a number of scientific conferences and symposiums are organized in this field. The University deals with the issues on developing foreign economic relations of our country, studying the investment policy from the quantitative and qualitative points of view and the present status of the socio-economic growth of Independent Azerbaijan Republic.


The gained results of the scientific researches are reflected in the published monographs, manuals and textbooks. So, during the last 20 years hundreds of monographs, manuals, textbooks, methodical aids, articles, programs and other scientific works in the volume of 6,6 thousand p/p have been published by the professor-teaching staff in and outside our country. Among them we can mention 186 textbooks and manuals, 106 monographs, 901 articles from magazines, 684 theses, 899 programs and methodical aids.

The University traditionally organizes theoretical-practical conferences devoted to the results of the scientific-research works. 35 scientific-practical and theoretical conferences have been held since 1993 up to 2012.


The scientific forums are organized together with Economy Institute within Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, the National Confederation of Entrepreneurship Organization of the Azerbaijan Republic, Azerbaijan State Economic University, Economists’ Union of the Azerbaijan Republic and other economic institutes and central organizations. From this point of view, some of these scientific forums can be noted: “The Role of Transparency in the Productive Management of the Financial Resources in the Economy after Recession”, “Restoration of State Independency of the Azerbaijan Republic and its Social and Economic Achievements”, “The Growth of the National Economy and Increasing the Productivity”, etc.

The invitation of famous specialists to the scientific forums from other scientific research institutions, universities, ministries and organizations and listening to their reports enable to get profound scientific knowledge in the field of economy.

The University staff as well as the representatives of the Institute of Economy within Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Economic Growth, Economic Reforms Centre, Scientific-Research Economic Institution of the Ministry of Agriculture, Azerbaijan State Economy University, state and private schools and the National Assembly, the leaders and delegations of the Ministry of Taxes, Chamber of Auditors and other ministries have taken an active part in the scientific forums.


The above mentioned materials have been devoted to the investigation of the important scientific problems, the economic growth of our country and enhancing the quality of the teaching process.

  • Audit (textbook) - 37,5 p/p. (I.M.Abbasov, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Prof.). Baku, “Business University” Publishing House, 2012.
  • The Activity of Commercial Banks in Financial Market (monograph) - 8,6 p/p. (I.M.Abbasov, Doc. of Econ. Sc., Prof.). Baku, “Business University” Publishing House, 2000.
  • Theoretical and Practical Problems of Audit (monograph) - 12,3 p/p. (I.M.Abbasov, Doctor of Econ.Sc., Prof.). Baku, “Science” Publishing House, 1998.
  • Main Directions of the Stable Development of the National Economy of Azerbaijan in the Process of Globalization (collective monograph) - 20,0 p/p. (A.K.Alasgarov, Doctor of Econ.Sc., Prof.). Baku, “Science” Publishing House, 2007.
  • Legal Guarding Bodies of the Azerbaijan Republic (textbook) - 38,0 p/p. (A.S.Piriyev, Associate professor). Baku, “Business University” Publishing House, 2005
  • Collection of Recommendations on the Theory of Accounting (manual) - 8,0 p/p. (I.A.Mammadov, Prof.). Baku, “Business University” Publishing House, 2007
  • Small Entrepreneurship (manual) – 23,0 p/p (A.S.Imanov, Associate-professor), Baku “Science” Publishing House, 2009.
  •  Development of Accounting Analysis and Audit in Pension and Insuarance System (monograph) - 19 p/p (S.Y. Muslumov, Doc. of Econ.Sc., Prof.). Baku, “Business University” Publishing House, 2005.
  • History of Economic Instructions (lecture materials on the course) -10,0 p/p, (G.Y. Abdulsalimzadeh, Doc. of Econ.Sc., Prof.). Baku, “Busines University” Publishing House, 2006.
  • Entrepreneurship Course (translation from Russian edition).(textbook). 25,3 p/p (Z.M. Mamedova, Candidate of Econ.Sc., Assoc. prof.). Baku, “Business University” Publishing House, 2000.
  • Economic Problems of Investment in Azerbaijan Industry (monograph) -10,0 p/p (Kh.J. Azizova, Cand. of Econ.Sc.). Baku, “Business University” Publishing House, 2000.
  • Urgent Problems of Museum Management Studies in Azerbaijan (monograph) -35,6 p/p (S.A. Amirkhanov, D. Ph. in Ped.Sc.). Baku, “Business University” Publishing House. 2011.
  • The Peculiarities of Public Regulation of Foreign Economic Activity in Modern Times  (manual) - 53,0 p/p (I.I. Mehraliyev, Assoc. prof.). Baku, 2011.
  • Functions and Graphics (manual) – 7,5p/p. (G.M.Namazov, Assoc. prof.), Baku, 2011.
  • Teaching Standards of National Accounting for Commercial Organizations (methodical aid)  – 7,8 p/p. (I.M.Abbasov, Doc.of Econ. Sc., Prof.; M.M.Rasulov, D.Ph. in Econ.Sc.). Baku, “Business University” Publishing House, 2011.
  • Legal Regulation of Processual Activity on the execution of Combining and Separating the Criminal Cases (monograph) – 10,7 p/p (N.I.Abbasov, D.Ph. in Law), Baku, “Business University” Publishing House, 2011.
  • Organization and management of Exchange and Auctions (manual) – 13,6 p/p (E.N.Guliyev, Assoc. prof; Z.M.Mamedova, Assoc. prof.; T.I.Imanov, Assoc. prof.) Baku, “Business University” Publishing House, 2010.
  • German Population of the Caucasus (monograph) – 19,5 p/p (I.K.Aghasiyev, D.Ph. in Hist.Sc., Assoc. prof.), Baku, “Business University” Publishing House, 2010.
  • Practical Work on the Economic Theory and Marketing (methodical aid) – 7,0 p/p (A.M.Imranov, D.Ph. in Econ. Sc., Assoc. prof.; Z.M.Mamedova, D.Ph. in Econ. Sc., Assoc. prof.), Baku, “Business University” Publishing House, 2011.
  • Economic-mathematical Models of Linear Prediction (manual) – 11,4 p/p (F.I.Abdullayev, Assoc. prof.; G.M.Namazov, Assoc. prof.; N.A.Rahimova, Assoc. prof.), Baku, “Business University” Publishing House, 2009.
  • History of Culture (textbook) – 54,7 p/p (I.Huseynov, Doc.of Cul. Sc., Prof.; T.Afandiyev, D.Ph. in Soc. Sc.), Baku, “Mars-print” HPF, 2012.

Some of the scientific-research works have been carried out on the self-supporting basis. Besides, the staff of the University have done strenuous work on the training program  of “Development of small and middle entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan regions corresponding to the project of US Educational Development Academy” and have actively participated in the process of forming national ownership.

Conference Hall

Conference hall contains 300 people and is aimed to hold scientific symposiums, conferences, etc. It has been supplied with high-standard equipment meeting modern requirements.

Conferences concerning to the problems of economic development of the Republic are regularly held at Baku Business University. Well-known scientists of our Republic often participate at these conferences.



Baku Business University has its own periodic journal - “Audit”. The journal is published once a quarter in the volume of 6-7 printing pages. The journal has been included in the “list of scientific publications recommended to edit the main conclusions of dissertations in Azerbaijan Republic” which has been confirmed by the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of Azerbaijan Republic.

“Audit” is a scientific journal and the leading economists and scientists contribute articles to the journal on different problems. The staff members of the University also publish their articles devoted to the urgent practical problems of the economic growth of the country. The journal “Audit” plays a great role in the preparation of highly-qualified cadres and carrying out scientific-research work at the University.