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Scientific-practical conference in Baku Business University

The 18th of April the scientific-practical conference in the subject on “The theoretical-methodological problems of business estimation and the development of its regulation mechanism” has been held with the joint organization of Baku Business University and Azerbaijani Estimators in Baku Business University.

The rector of Baku Business University, Doctor, and Professor Ibad Abbasov notified his ideas about the theoretical-methodological bases of business estimation and the problems about its regulation, opening the conference with the parenthetical words.

The member of Economic Politics Committee of National Assembly of Azerbaijan Republic, the member of Administrative Personnel of Board of European Unities, Doctor of Economics, and Professor Khanhuseyn Kazimli made a speech connected with the subject of the conference.

The questions given in the conference have been answered, the suggestions have been offered about the perspectives in this field.