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Scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 90th anniversary of National Leader Heydar Aliyev

Scientific-practical conference on the occasion of National Leader H.Aliyev’s 90th anniversary was held at Baku Business University. The conference was declared open by the rector of the University, Dr., Prof. I.Abbasov and he made a speech  on the theme of “H.Aliyev and the development stages of the Azerbaijan economy”.       

The deputy, academic Ziyad Samadzadeh made speech on the theme of “The economic strategy of Azerbaijan Republic between 2 centuries: result and perspectives” stated that the current Azerbaijan economic model related with the name of the National Leader H.Aliyev and showed that the economic reforms realized due the tries of H.Aliyev, today give their harvest. Then academic A.Nadirov “H.Aliyev and an efficient placing of productive forces in Azerbaijan Republic”, a member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, professor A.Alasgarov “H.Aliyev and the formation and development of Azerbaijan economic relations with foreign countries”, professor T.Aliyev “H.Aliyev and innovative development of Azerbaijan industry”, professor Kh.Kazimli “H.Aliyev 90: an envious life” also made speeches.