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«Higher Mathematics and Technical Subjects»


Doctor of Sciences in Mathematics, Professor Mahir Mirzakhan oglu Sabzaliyev heads the chair. There are two doctors of sciences, professors, five associate professors, one doctor of philosophy and two senior teachers in the department. The professor-teaching staff is engaged in teaching in all specialties of the university.

At the department other subjects are taught at the new mathematical cabinet along with "Linear Algebra and Mathematical Analysis", "Informatics", "Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics", "Econometrics", "Economic Informatics", "Information Communication Technologies" and "Operational Tracking".

At the department special attention is paid to scientific research, monography, textbooks, articles, relevant programs, teaching materials and lecture materials. There are textbooks, textbooks and methodical aids in the library.

The development of qualified personnel by raising the quality of teaching is important in the activity of the department. There are numerous articles and books published in the republic and abroad by the teaching staff of the department.

Doctor of Science in Mathematics, Professor,
Head of the Chair of “Higher Mathematics
and Technical Subjects”