Conference Aims and Objectives

International scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 99th  birthday anniversary of Nationwide Leader Heydar Aliyev

“Quality Assurance as the Main Factor of Competitive Economic Development”

The purpose of the conference is to identify the main priorities of quality assurance, efficient use of resources and social development in a competitive economic development.

Directions of the conference:

-Priorities for efficient use of resources in competitive development.

-High-quality financial and accounting information support in the context of competitive economic development.

-Linguistic quality assurance: priorities for the mutual development of language and economics.

-Some actual issues in Math and mathematical course teaching.

-Directions of the quality of the organization of social work in the territories liberated from occupation.

Report and theses formats and layouts:

- the title of the report and the thesis should be printed with bold, capital letters at the center;

- name, surname, patronymic of the author, academic degree, place of work, phone number, e-mail address.

- abstract (50-100 words) and keywords (3-5) in Azerbaijani, English, Russian.

Report and theses content layout:

-format-A4, the volume of reports is 5-6 pages, the volume of the theses is 2-3 pages;

-font-Times New Roman, size-13;

- Left margin 2.5 cm, right margin 2.5 cm, upper 2.5 cm and lower 3 cm;

-Interval 1.0 cm, paragraph 1.25 cm.

Reports and theses will be evaluated by the Organizing Committee.

Reports and abstracts that do not meet the requirements for registration, as well as those that do not correspond to the topic and directions of the conference, will not be accepted for publication.

Official languages of the conference: Azerbaijani, English, Russian

Deadline for submission: 25/04/2022

Reports and theses are submitted to: [email protected]

Additional Information:

Tel: (+99412) 431-91-18 (ext.112)

Fax: (+99412) 430-07-80

Please send information about your participation at the conference to: [email protected]

The conference will be held at Baku Business University.

Address: Baku - AZ1122, str.H. Zardabi, 88-a.