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Student Youth Organization


The Student Youth Organization has been functioning at the University since 1995. At present the Organization is led by Ulvi Khudiyev. The main goal of the Organization is to represent and protect the interests of the students and each student separately in the direction of conducting state youth policy, to secure the students’ active participation in public, cultural, social and economic life of the Republic.

The main duties of the Organization are as follows:

  • to conduct the process of enlightening among the students
  • to organize the students’ leisure time efficiently
  • to ensure the students’ rights
  • to carry out some work in the direction of solving social problems of students
  • to organize competitions, seminars, festivals, forums, meetings, exhibitions, round-table talks, scientific conferences, training courses, mass propaganda campaigns, discussion clubs, symposiums, meetings where the students will meet with prominent people from our Republic as well as from the foreign countries
  • to publish newspapers and journals in order to give an information about the meetings held in connection with students and youth, as well as the events concerning to social, political, economical and cultural life of the Republic
  • to organize circles, studios, clubs, courses and services in order to ensure the students’ interests and intellectual development
  • to put questions to Academic Council in order to become aware of students’ problems and make proper decisions


Head of SYO