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  • “Accounting and Audit”
  • “Management and Marketing”
  • “Finance”
  • “Economic Theory”
  • “Organization of Business and Municipal Administration”
  • “The Humanities”
  • “Higher Mathematics”
  • "Information technologies"
  • “Languages”

Duties of the Heads of Chairs

The head of the chair:

  • Provides the process of completing the professor-teaching staff for next academic year and supplies the distribution of academic hours in accordance with the standards
  • Supervises the accordance of specialties of the teachers to the profile of the chair while admitting them to the University
  • Provides delivering lectures, arranging and discussing scientific seminars during the academic year
  • Learns and applies work experience of higher-educational institutions in our Republic and abroad
  • Provides the preparation of textbooks, training appliances, monographs, teaching-methodical aids and the creation of lecture fund
  • Provides the creation of healthy moral-psychological atmosphere among the professor-teaching staff of the chair
  • Provides regular work for increasing the quality level and arranges additional seminars and consultation hours at the chair
  • Provides the effective use of special auditoriums, computer rooms, audio-video and listening rooms at the seminar lessons
  • Controls the fulfillment of current issues at the chair