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«Higher Mathematics»


The department is headed by Doctor of Mathematical Sciences, Professor M.M.Sabzaliev. The teaching staff of the department consists of 17 people. Of these, 1 doctor of mathematical sciences, professor, 9 people doctor of philosophy, associate professor, 3 people doctor of philosophy, 2 people senior lecturers, 2 people doctoral students. The department trains specialists in the specialty "Information Technology". For the first time, an applicant was admitted to this specialty in 2020. The department trains students from other departments of BBU in the subjects "Linear Algebra and Mathematical Analysis", "Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics", "Econometrics", "Mathematical Methods in Social Networks". The department teaches the subject "Econometrics" in Azerbaijani, English and Russian for students studying at the master's level. The faculty of the department teaches the subjects "Linear Algebra and Mathematical Analysis", "Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics" and "Econometrics" at the undergraduate level for students studying in English.
The department pays special attention to research work, preparation of monographs, textbooks, teaching aids, articles, relevant programs, teaching aids and lecture materials. The library has textbooks, textbooks and teaching materials on subjects.
Training of qualified personnel by improving the quality of teaching occupies an important place in the activities of the department. The teaching staff of the department has a large number of articles and books published in the country and abroad.

Doctor of Science in Mathematics, Professor,
Head of the Chair of “Higher Mathematics”