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«Economic Theory»


The department is headed by Azer Maarif oglu Panahov, Doctor of Philosophy in Economics. The teaching staff consists of 17 people. Of these, 1 doctor of economic sciences, professor, 6 associate professors, 6 candidates of economic sciences, 4 doctoral students.
The department teaches such subjects as "Introduction to Economics", "Microeconomics", "Macroeconomics", "Information Systems of the World Economy", "Regulation of the Economy", "History of Economic Thought", "Economics of Azerbaijan", "World Economy", "TNK and MPEI", "International Trade", "Fundamentals of Logistics", "International Commercial Business", "Supply Chain Management", "Development Economics", "Digital Economy", "International Economics", "Regional Economics", "International Trade Operations ”, “International transport operations”, “Customs”, “Microeconomics 2”, “Macroeconomics 2”, “Foreign economic policy of Azerbaijan”, “Economic policy”, “Modern problems of the economy”, “Modern problems of the world”, “Economics”, "International Economics II", "Logistics", "Regulation of the National Economy", "International Economic Policy", "International Tourism".
The educational process at the department is carried out on the basis of educational programs prepared according to the new standards of the Ministry of Science and Education.

Doctor of Philosophy in Economy
head of the chair “Economic Theory”