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About Summer school

The InnovEast Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is a dynamic two-week summer school program designed to foster entrepreneurial skills within the vibrant cultural and economic landscape of Azerbaijan. Aimed at ambitious entrepreneurs worldwide, the bootcamp merges intensive business training with cultural immersion, providing participants with a multifaceted educational experience.

The core concept of the InnovEast Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is to blend rigorous academic learning with practical, hands-on experiences in entrepreneurship and business development. This is complemented by an exploration of Azerbaijan’s unique cultural heritage and regional business environment, offering a rich backdrop for innovation and creativity.

The program is structured into two integral parts:

Entrepreneurial Education and Practical Application:

Week 1: Focuses on foundational knowledge, including workshops on ideation, business modeling, and market research, facilitated by esteemed local business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Week 2: Advances into practical application with sessions on product development, MVP testing, and investor pitching, alongside insights into Azerbaijan’s growing digital economy and startup culture.

Participants will be afforded the opportunity to engage with Azerbaijan’s leading business institutions such as the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs, the National Association of Women Entrepreneurs, the SME Development Agency, and innovation hubs like Sabah – Hub. These interactions are designed to provide real-world insights and local market understanding, vital for students interested in entrepreneurship.

Cultural Exploration and Networking:

Cultural Immersion: Visits to historical sites such as the Old City of Baku, the Gobustan National Park, and the Ateshgah Fire Temple will not only introduce the participants to the country’s rich history but also its modern achievements and challenges.

Natural Splendor: Excursions to the picturesque regions of Sheki and Ganja will showcase the country's diverse landscapes, from lush mountains to serene seasides.

Artistic and Culinary Delights: Trips to artisan towns like Ilisu will offer a glimpse into traditional crafts, while tasting sessions of local cuisine will celebrate the country’s culinary diversity.

In addition to the core curriculum of entrepreneurial training and cultural immersion, the InnovEast Entrepreneurship Bootcamp will offer a range of supplementary activities that will enhance the participant's experience and skill set. Among these, Azerbaijan language class and various certification opportunities are valuable additions that can significantly benefit the attendees.

Language Class:

Tailored Azeri language lessons aimed at enabling participants to read and express simple phrases in the native language.


Entrepreneurship Certification: Upon successful completion of the bootcamp, participants would receive a certificate validating their knowledge and skills. The certificate will be provided jointly by ASK, AWEDA, KOBIA and BBU

Credits: Successful completion of the program will earn participants a Certificate of Completion along with 3 ECTS credits.

Financial aspects:

The participation fee of 650 EURO covers the following:

•        Expert-led teaching sessions

•        Guided excursions

•        Teaching materials

•        Regional trips 

The fee does not include meals, accommodation, travel expenses, medical insurance, visa costs, or personal expenditures.

Participant fee and all related expenses (tickets, accommodation, meals, etc.) are provided by DAAD programme.