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Trade union organization

One of the public institutions of Baku Business University is a Trade union organization. This organization is an integral part of the University and is actively involved in his daily life.

Currently, union organization brings together up to 200 employees.

Trade union organization of the University shall function on the basis of the "Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan", the "Declaration of Human Rights", "Committee of the International Labor Organization," in accordance with the laws of the Republic, the Law "On Trade Unions", "Labor Code of the Azerbaijan Republic".

The organization works under the direction of the National Committee of the Free Trade Union of Education.

The problem of trade union organization of the university:

  • social protection
  • legal protection and solution of labor disputes
  • occupational safety and health
  • recreation staff, etc.

Work in these areas, and the protection of labor and socio-economic rights of employees is based on the collective agreement between the trade union and the university administration.


doctor of philosophy in economics,
dean of the school of "Business and Management",
chairman of the Trade Union organization