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About library

A library functions at Baku Business University which covers a great mass of readers in order to organize the students’ leisure activity. The library fund serves as a source of teaching, scientific and methodical information. The total area of the University library is 315 square meters, and there exists a reading-hall which covers the area of 267 square meters. Besides the library provides with 45 notebooks and photocopiers.

About 50000 copies in the library fund of the University include 27789 copies of academic literature, 7127 scientific books, 15123 normative survey books and other kinds of books. 


Lecture materials compiled by the professor-teaching staff for all subjects are gathered in printed and bound forms in the library. Those materials are regularly used by the students as well.

The library takes significant measures in the direction of getting electronic versions of newly-published textbooks.

Currently 3 specialists are working in the University library in order to organize and manage its activity.

Since 2022, the library of Baku Business University has been a member of the Azerbaijan Library Information Consortium (Az.KIK). Az.KIK is a member of the international Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL.net) consortium.

Within the framework of this cooperation, professors and students of Baku Business University entered the EBSCO Host database and read 11,000 journals, more than 2,700 books and brochures, 510 newspapers, etc., including 8,516 peer-reviewed journals. they can benefit from the possibility of using the sources in electronic form.
You can contact the Scientific Department regarding the questions that arise.