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Organization of Teaching


The teaching process is organized according to the standards and norms at Baku Business University. It is led in accordance with the laws and regulations which are valid on the Cabinet of Ministers and Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic on Bachelor and Master stages of higher education, as well as with the charter of the University and other normative acts in order to provide our Republic with high-professional economic cadres meeting the requirements of market economic demands and to stand the rivalry.

The teaching process for Bachelor and Master Courses is carried out by 2 schools and 8 chairs in full-time and correspondence sections at the University.

The necessary condition is created for preparing new quality and highly-qualified specialists at the University. So, the main demand for training highly-qualified specialists is creation of material and technical base and the existence of professor-teaching staff having high intellectual potential. Legislative enactments, such as the lessons on the subject of nomenclature, organization of realizing methodical works on the high level, carrying out scientific-research works on professional profile and the preparation of pedagogical cadres, are realized at the chairs. The activity of the chairs is regulated by existing legal-normative documents. According to these documents scientific pedagogical cadres in Master and Post-graduate courses are trained, the curriculum is drawn up, the academic teaching loads are divided among the groups and teachers, the personal curriculums, subject-calendar plans, the timetable of exemplary lectures and seminars of the teachers, the period of the lessons and exams are defined, and diploma works, themes of the theses of Master students are confirmed. Current methodical curriculums are worked out for every teacher. The solution of the problems put forward according to the curriculum is discussed every month. At the end of an academic and calendar year the accounts of the professor-teaching staff are discussed and appreciated.

The educational process, the process of exams and other questions are regularly improved from the point of view of leading the teaching process and raising its quality. One of the necessary structural parts of raising the quality of teaching is the transition to the multimarked system of appreciating the students’ knowledge at the current exams. Baku Business University has passed to the new system at the current entrance exams on all specialties since 1999. In this connection “A statue about the multimarked system of appreciating the students’ knowledge” has been prepared and distributed among the sections that are engaged in training.



One of the most advantages of appreciating the students’ knowledge with multimarked system consists of the student’s having a chance for attending the lessons and learning the subjects. One of the means of affecting the quality of teaching and attracting the students for their getting higher knowledge is a transition to the multimarked system.

Information about applying and leading the rules of the multimarked system has been published in “The book of memory of student”. This book of memory is improved and renewed every year from the point of view of adopting the leading and accepting rules of the current exams to the world standards on condition keeping our national mentality.

As it is seen from the experience of the developed countries of the world, one of the forms of teaching used in higher-educational institutions is a credit system. The system is based on the principle of completion of a subject, the system of completion of the course which is famous and applied in most countries of the world since the last century. This system is known as an American system and can be an alternative to the system of completion of the course. It began to be used in Turkey at Ataturk University (Arzurum) in 1957–1958. Since 1981 the credit system began to be applied in all the Universities of Turkey.

At the conference held in Bergen, Norway on May 19, 2005 our Republic joined the balloon process, too. One of the main demands of this process is the use of the credit system in higher-educational institutions. In this regard, “The Guidelines of teaching process with Credit system for bachelor and master degree levels of higher education institutions, basic (basic higher) medical education  and master's level of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences"  was approved by the Decree of the application of credit system of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated to December 24, 2013. Taking into account the main principles and demands of these guidelines, the inner University statue about the use of the credit system in teaching has been implemented by the Committee. The distinguishing features of the credit system from the existing teaching forms, the main essence of completion of the subject considered as an alternative form to the system of completion of education, working out and using the curriculums, variety of organization of the teaching process and appreciating the students’ knowledge and other issues have found their reflection in the University statue.


The main distinctive features of the teaching process organized on the basis of the credit system are as follows:

  • each student must have his own curriculum and he must take part in working out this curriculum
  • the student must be free in choosing a subject and a teacher
  • teacher-advisors must be involved to the educational process and they must help the students in the teaching process
  • the teaching process must be provided with necessary printing materials
  • appreciating the students’ knowledge must be carried out according to the demands of a multimarked system

The advantages of the credit system of teaching consist of the followings

  • according to the system the term of preparation is 4 years consisting of 2 semesters for each year. But by the agreement of University Administration the 3rd semester is named “summer school” and may be added to 2 semesters, if it is considered to be necessary
  • in this system the talented students finish their bachelor study 1 or 2 semesters earlier taking the subject from senior courses
  • this system also enables the weak students to use their potential completely. So, the student gets a chance to learn, master and give an exam on the subject which was failure on the junior course
  • as the presence of the student at the lesson is compulsory in the credit system the feeling of discipline and responsibility increases more


One of the basic conditions to increase the quality of the teaching process is the existence of material-technical base meeting the world standards. According to these requirements a new educational building of our University was put in operation with the area of 10148 m2. According to norms approved by Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic it is certain 5 m2 areas for each student of higher-educational institutions, while at Baku Business University this makes 8 m2. Besides it, numerous language laboratories, computer rooms and auditoriums of special purpose are created and handed over to the students’ using.