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  • School of “Business and Management”
  • School of “Economy and Management”

The Duties of the School Deans

  • Organizes the teaching process at the school and executes the accepted decisions of Academic Council in accordance with the existing normative-legal acts
  • Checks the quality of the teachers’ lectures, seminars and laboratory trainings
  • Observes and supervises the activities of the chairs on such branches as instruction, scientific, mass-cultural and other social activities and discusses them in School Academic Council
  • Checks the teachers’ lecture texts, training materials, programs and other teaching aids and their supplies
  • Supervises the attendance of students, their advance in mastering subjects and makes contact with the parents of the students in some cases
  • Carries out some adequate and corresponding work among professor-teaching staff in order to establish healthy spiritual climatic convenience
  • Oversees the optimal full-time of lecture and training hours among students
  • Organizes and holds exams, supervises their results and discusses them in School Academic Council
  • Oversees the current activities of the school for their being carried out