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«Accounting and Audit»


The department is headed by Ayatulla Suvahil oglu Jabbarov, Doctor of Philosophy in Economics. The teaching staff consists of 17 people. Of these, 1 doctor of science, professor, 1 professor, 2 associate professors, 5 candidates of economic sciences, 1 senior lecturer, 7 teachers. 12 doctoral students study at the department. The department teaches such subjects as "Financial Accounting", "Management Accounting", "Audit", "Financial Analysis", "Financial Reporting", "Analysis of Accounting Statements", "Scientific and Statistical Analysis of Socio-Economic Indicators", "Practical Audit ”, “Budget and Treasury Accounting” the department teaches “Statistics”, “Analysis of foreign economic activity”, “Effective management of activities”, “Research methods” and other subjects.
In addition to teaching, members of the team are also engaged in scientific research. They pay special attention to the processing of monographs, textbooks, textbooks, scientific articles, subject programs, educational and methodological materials and the delivery of lecture materials to the university library.
The Department of Accounting and Audit has a specialized laboratory with the most modern technology. The laboratory is rich in visual teaching aids, technical tools and multimedia tools in the field of accounting and auditing. Using these resources in the classroom, the faculty builds learning based on an active learning method and applies modern methods of knowledge transfer. Students of the main directions acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of accounting software, acquire professional skills with the help of computer technology.
Employees of the department participated in advanced training programs in a number of foreign universities.
Training of personnel is carried out at the department in the specialization "Accounting" at the undergraduate level, "Accounting in the service sector" and "Accounting in the industrial sector" at the master's level, 5303.01 "Accounting" at the doctoral level.

Doctor of Philosophy in Economy,
Head of the Chair of "Accounting and Audit»