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«Information technologies»


The department is headed by Rahib Aydın oghlu Imamguluyev, Doctor of Philosophy in Technical Sciences. The professor-teacher staff of 14 people is engaged in teaching in the department. 5 of them are PhDs, associate professors, 3 PhDs, 1 head teacher, 4 teachers. "Information technologies" specialists are trained in the department. The department teaches the subjects "Informatics", "Information communication technologies", "Information technologies by specialization" to students studying at the bachelor's level prepared by other departments of BBU. The department teaches subjects "Business information systems", "Management information systems", "Automated information systems in the enterprise" in Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages to students studying at the master's level. The teaching staff of the department teaches the subjects "Informatics", "Information communication technologies", "Information technologies by specialization" at the bachelor's level to students studying in English.

The department pays special attention to conducting scientific-research works, preparing monographs, textbooks, teaching aids, articles, relevant programs, teaching methodological aids and lecture materials. The library has textbooks and methodological materials on different subjects.

Training of qualified staff by improving the quality of teaching occupies an important place in the activity of the department. A large number of theses and articles of the teaching staff working in the department have been published in local publications and periodical scientific publications included in international summarizing and indexing databases (Scopus, Web of Science, etc.). Further expansion of the works in this direction is one of the important issues that the department is facing.

doctor of philosophy in technical sciences,
Head of the department «Information technologies»