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An electronic campaign was held at Baku Business University as part of the justice campaign for Khojaly

An electronic campaign dedicated to the Khojaly genocide was held at the Baku Business University within the framework of the "Justice for Khojaly" international campaign initiated by Leyla Aliyeva, Vice President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. The event, jointly organized by Baku City Youth and Sports Department, Yasamal District Youth and Sports Department and Baku Business University, started with the singing of the national anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Later, the memory of the victims of the Khojaly genocide was commemorated with a minute of silence. The purpose of the action is to convey the truth about the Khojaly genocide to the world community and to support the campaign.
Javidan Heydarov, Baku Business University vice-rector for training and education, who opened the event with an opening speech, greeted the event participants and noted that he was happy to see them at the university. J. Heydarov particularly emphasized the importance of the close participation of students in the campaign, strengthening the patriotic education of young people, and raising them in the national spirit. The vice-rector said that the electronic action is a very important tool within the international campaign "Justice to Khojaly" in order to convey the tragedy of Khojaly to the world community, spread these truths widely in the international world, and evaluate the committed genocide in an impartial manner.
Ragif Abbasov, Head of the Baku City Youth and Sports Directorate, talked about the history of the Khojaly incident and spoke about the merciless aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan and the policy of ethnic cleansing carried out against our people. The head of the administration gave valuable recommendations to the students and young people about not forgetting the truths of the Khojaly genocide, about the active propaganda of the young generation in this direction both locally and internationally, and especially about the wide use of the possibilities of information technologies. Ragif Abbasov added that within the framework of the campaign for justice to Khojaly, the electronic action will be implemented in other higher education institutions in the next few days, and projects and events will be continued in this direction.
Ilham Safarov, head of Yasamal district Youth and Sports Department, emphasized that the Khojaly genocide went down in history as one of the bloodiest crimes against humanity. The head of the administration said that 613 Azerbaijanis, including children, women and the elderly, were brutally killed in the tragedy. I. Safarov brought to the attention of the event participants that the number of countries that officially recognize the events of Khojaly as genocide and condemn Armenia's aggression against Azerbaijan is increasing, and that the multifaceted propaganda activities carried out in this matter have a special role.
After the speeches, a film dedicated to the Khojaly tragedy was shown. In the end, an electronic action was held with the participation of 40 students and young people. Thus, information reflecting Khojaly truths has been sent to the e-mail addresses of a number of prestigious international organizations in the world.