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Graduation 2023

On June 23, a festive Graduation Day was held at Baku Business University (BBU). Firstly, within the framework of the "Graduate-2023" release day, a career exhibition was organized at the university with the support of the State Employment Agency to strengthen connections between graduates seeking employment and institutions and organizations offering jobs. The goal was to facilitate the integration of young individuals into the labor market. Nearly 40 leading state and private institutions participated in the exhibition, offering vacancies and experience programs aligned with the university's specializations. Moreover, for the first time, graduates participated in the career exhibition with certificates attesting to their professional skills.

During the ongoing "Graduate-2023" event in the university's main hall, the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan was performed. A moment of silence was observed to honor the cherished memory of the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev and the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the territorial integrity of our country.

A documentary film was screened during the event, highlighting the 30-year successful activity of Baku Business University. It was noted that the university has been able to prepare students who possess professional skills that correspond to the modern demands of the labor market. As a result, some of the university's students secure jobs even before graduating, a testament to the institution's success. Notably, a significant number of the university's graduates have demonstrated heroism in the Patriotic War, providing support to the families of martyrs and veterans.

Rector of Baku Business University, Doctor of Economics, Professor Ibad Abbasov greeted the graduate students, their parents, this year's accepted master's students, the alumni from previous years, and the guests. He conveyed his congratulations on this magnificent occasion and wished the graduates success in their future endeavors, aspiring for new accomplishments. Abbasov expressed his confidence that each graduate who received an education at the university would contribute to the prosperity of our nation. He assured that this year's BBU graduates, equipped with the knowledge and skills acquired during their university education, would achieve success in their professional careers and make significant contributions to the development of our country. The Rector especially highlighted that 40% of our graduates are ready to enter the labor market directly by obtaining certificates confirming their professional skills.

Speaking at the ceremony, Orkhan Mammadov, the head of the Management Board of the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (SMBDA), warmly congratulated the graduates on this significant day and wished them success in their future careers and lives. He stated, "This year, graduating students will work in both state and private institutions of independent Azerbaijan, serving our country and its interests. Over the course of four years, the advanced education they received will demonstrate their competence both theoretically and practically, proving them to be skilled professionals." O. Mammadov also provided extensive information about SMBDA's activities to the participants of the event.

A Memorandum of Agreement on collaboration was signed between Baku Business University and the Small and Medium Business Development Agency.

The students who specially prepared for Graduation Day expressed their joy in taking steps into a new and independent life, as well as sharing the knowledge and skills they acquired over the past four years.

Subsequently, a group of graduates who had excelled in their studies and demonstrated active participation in the university's public life, along with high academic achievements, were awarded honorary certificates by the BBU leadership.

In line with the tradition of Graduation Day, the students threw their caps into the air.

As part of the artistic segment of the event prepared for Graduation Day, a music and entertainment program was presented with the participation of renowned artists from our country's fine arts community and the artistic self-expression collective of Baku Business University.