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Public lecture on "Healthy life, healthy society"

On March 29, a public lecture on "Healthy life, healthy society" was held at Baku Business University in accordance with the Work Plan for 2023 of the State Commission for Combating Drug Addiction and Illegal Trafficking of Narcotic Drugs and the relevant action plan of the University. The purpose of the event was to promote anti-drug addiction, to educate students and youth about the damage caused by the use of drugs to human physical and psychological health, and the negative effects on society. Javidan Heydarov, vice-rector for training and education of the University, who opened the event with an introduction, spoke about the importance of forming a healthy lifestyle and noted that drug addiction is one of the most serious and dangerous habits in this direction. He noted that it is very necessary to achieve a successful solution to such problems for the sake of the sustainable development of our society. In this regard, the fight against drug addiction is one of our main goals and tasks in terms of the formation of a healthy society.
Later, an interactive lecture was held by the psychologist of the University, Ilhama Sultanova, with a wide presentation on the psychological and physical consequences of drug use. She informed the students about behavior-speech disorders, various psychological-physiological problems, isolation from social life, tendency to criminality and other such social problems in people who use drugs. In the end, an educational video on the topic was shown.